Technology has had an amazing impact on our ability to provide treatment to our clients in a comfortable, sterile manner.

Our desire is to use all of our available resources to educate patients and to contribute to their decision making process regarding treatment alternatives:

  • Computer monitors are installed in every operatory to facilitate viewing of digital x-rays and intra-oral photographs.
  • Digital x-rays provide a superior image of the teeth with up to 90% less radiation to the patient.
  • Computer software technology empowers us to enlarge or change the contrast of x-rays to enhance accuracy in reading x-rays and associated diagnoses.
  • Intra-oral photographs are valuable for diagnosis as we are able to magnify our view of oral conditions on the computer monitor.
  • By utilizing the most modern technology in endodontic(root canal) treatment system, we are able to complete endodontic treatment most often in one appointment with comfort and increased predictability.

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