Our Fees

The events of the past 2 years, and the escalating costs, have necessitated a fee increase for the services we provide.  An increase of 3.5% above the current 2022 fee guide has been applied to diagnostic, preventative and basic restorative procedures.  This increase allows us to continue to provide the level of care you have come to value and respect. 

Our fees for major services, such as crowns, root canal treatment and implants are approximately 10% higher than the current ODA guide as we continue to support the following objectives:

  • To partner with you in the proactive management of your oral health and well being.
  • To provide a spirited team of well-trained continually educated professionals.
  • To provide progressive technology in a comfortable environment to ensure that treatment and services are the best for you.
  • To empower your ability to choose treatments by educating you on the full range of options available not limited to insurance.

  • Our fee structure is consistent for every patient of our practice. Your comments and feedback are important to us. Please do not hesitate to approach any member of our team for further information.

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